Photo Contest Week 3 – Nightlife

Welocme to week three of the Hunter Webb Photography photo contest. This weeks topic is “Nightlife”. I’m looking to see lights in citys or your town lit up at night. All submissions can be sent to Good luck and I hope to see more of the great work I’ve been continuosly getting.


5 thoughts on “Photo Contest Week 3 – Nightlife

  1. Thank you for liking my recent post! Your nighttime photography contest sounds intriguing (I liked the photo on your About page) — although I haven’t done much nighttime photography (living out of town, I’ll have to refrain this time) but, it’s a wonderful forum and I love the photos you have posted.

  2. Hunter, just one little administrative suggestion – perhaps you could include the dates of the applicable week along with its number for those of us who get out of sync for one reason or another? For instance, I presume this Week 3 actually finished on Suinday night 10th June?

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