Weekly Photo Challenge

I feel it would help me see more of your work and for you guys to improve if each week there was a photo challenge on a specific topic for you guys to photograph. Usually I would start this on Mondays, however this week I am going to start it today. This weeks challenge will be “Trees.” To be more specific I wish to see photos that really show how we as humans see trees and how tall they really are. Capture this well and your photo will be showcased for more than 2000 people! to see on Monday the 28th here on my blog hunterwebbphotography.wordpress.com All submissions must be in by 12:00pm EST time Saturday. Here is where they can be submitted to hunterwebbphotography@gmail.com. ONLY SUBMIT ONCE I have a lot of viewers so I have to sort through a lot to begin with. All photos will be looked at good luck. TIP (shoot from low angles for a more dramatic effect) Good Luck!

UPDATE- Send only with subject line as      weekly photo contest     and send the picture to hunterwebbphotography@gmail.com     exactly as written here. Otherwise the photo will not be entered in. Submissions that I already have gotten are still entered this is only to people who have not submitted yet. This applies going forward for all entries. 


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